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The #1 Most Important
Our Beloved Miss DaisyDogg


Daisy deserves to have her very own page...
That's how special she is on her own and how special she is to us!

Daisy is a pound puppy rescued from among those passed over and unwanted too long and therefore placed on death row...
a wonderfully loving and intelligent little girl,
unwanted by all the misunderstanding anyones.

We cringe to think of all the joy and smiles we would have missed out on these last ten years
if we hadn't seen her when we did!

The loyalty and guarding abilities alone are enough to endear her to us (no one can touch me or my son!), but she adds good manners, a super intelligence, a strong ability to reason, a voracious will to learn and gentle understanding to everything...
along with a kind and loving spirit!

Daisy is so gentle and so sweet and is so human like...
I think she is a PERSON in a doggie costume.
She even has bad allergies just like we humans and we treat her for them on a routine basis.
I get so sick of the bad press.
If you really do some checking I believe you will find that
a poodle actually is one of the worst bitters out there.

Daisy would never bite unless provoked and I mean cruelly provoked beyond the normal ability even a reasoning human could stand.

She doesn't even know she's a dog, let alone a Strattfordshire Terrier!


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Who's afraid of the big bad Pit Bull?
Well... LOTS of misinformed people,
that's who!
Aren't Pit Bulls mean and vicious?
American Temperament Testing Society gave Pit bulls an 83.9% passing rate. That's as good ad Beagles and Golden Retrievers!
Don't they have locking jaws?
That's one of several false 'MYTHS'.
BE INFORMED ~ Click on the link below.


Once An Honored Symbol standing for America...


The American Pit Bull Terrier
A gentle and courageous pet; a victim of bad press:

The breed was used to illustrate American neutrality without fear in 1914, the toughness of Levi jeans, and as a"defender of Old Glory."
More famous than RinTinTin, and as well loved as Lassie,The Pit Bull was America's perfect pet and companion.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

SEE COMPLETE STORY: Click on link below:


Movies: Buster Brown Commedies

Buster and his dog, Tige (an American Pit Bull Terrier), remained a popular comic for many years and soon became even more famous as the emblem for a shoe company, a textile firm, and several others. "Tige" of Buster Brown and "Pete" of Our Gang's Little Rascal are the same canine actor... showing a vast capability to be all needed around children, confusion and stress as well as being capable of strict obedience.

The Pit Bull was a trusted companion of settlers in this great homeland of ours!

Frontier Pit Bulls


"The American Staffordshire Terrier is a happy, outgoing, stable, and confident dog who makes a wonderful family pet."
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
SEE COMPLETE ARTICLE: Click on link below:

American Staffordshire Terrier

Pete with his Little Rascals

Sixty years ago a delightful gang of kids (Our Gang- Little Rascals)romped across movie screens accompanied in their antics by their faithful dog Petey, a sturdy white pooch with a colored patch over one eye. Petey performed a remarkable array of tricks to help the kids in and out of scrapes -- all in all, he was the consummate childrens' pet. Petey was a 'Pit Bull'... aka: The Staffordshire Terrier

Pit Bull as RCA Victrola Label

RCA used Nipper, a pit bull of unknown ancestry, to illustrate the clarity of sound emanating from its phonograph -- after all, it could fool the loyal pit bull into thinking he heard "his master's voice" in person...
Loyalty looking for the "Master's" voice... wow.

Buster Brown Shoes Logo

The American Pit Bull "Pete" was used by
Buster Brown Children's Shoes
to denote strength, safety and comfort
until bad press of the breed caused them to put a little more "fur" on their logo pet.

Buster Brown Shoes For Children Ad

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