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This is our opportunity to showcase the range of your work by listing examples of completed projects.

Here we include a few examples of commercial projects we are proud of.


* Business names Brief desc of work. PHOTOs of work interiors OR even exteriors of buildings would be nice!!
Forget digital! Buy disposal cheap cameras and send the thing to me when finished! I"LL get the shots developed!
Pics of your store, your main staff, and YOU would be nice also!


* Jim's Office Buildings
?many offices?
* Duck Creek Townhomes
84 total units of 2 and 3 bedroom townhomes

Religious Organizations

* Convent, Milford
* 2 Nuns, Rowlett

We may also include a link to pictures of recent commercial projects:

Commercial Projects

This page is updated frequently so be sure to check back often.

Here are some examples of recent residential and remodeling projects.

Residential Homes

* Burlington Addition, Richardson
Remove and Install Pad and Carpet
4 bedroom 3 bath
* Turtle Creek Towers, Dallas
Remove and Install 8 billion yards Laura Ashley in Pentahouse.

Construction sight; Size=240 pixels wide


* Marble Kitchen, Wellesley
* Outdoor Gazebo, Natick
* Living Area Fireplace, Rockwall

We may also include a link to a special picture album of projects:

Residential Projects

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