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McKelvy Floorcovering

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About Us
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Founded in 1960, McKelvy Floorcovering has become BIG company capable, gaining BIG company recognition and respect from our Tradespeople and our Customers,
While remaining SMALL company familiar
and firmly in control of all aspects of the business.

Our CUSTOMERS are truly our number one concern.

Our Suppliers and Tradespeople have always known that so they give us the type of service we need in order to place YOU first on our priority list.


We believe in QUALITY.

It doesn't matter if folks are buying economy or high end product...
What we expect for ourselves in service and installation is what we give to others.

There's no other way to build an honorable business...
and it shows after 44 years.

We believe in KNOWLEDGE.

Only by staying educated in the ever progressing lines of product and performance
can we assist our customers in making a decision
that will cause their continued return and word of mouth referral.

As those are the cornerstones of a good business,
We make sure all we work with keep abreast of developments
in product, installation and care.

We believe in TRAINING and EXPERIENCE.

Rather than hiring outside freelance contractors like 90% of the companies in existance today, ~ Our Technicians are CERTIFIED INSTALLERS ~

We believe in PROPER TOOLS.

People often don't understand that using the right tools can affect the look and performance of their home products as much as they do in their vehicles.

Only by using proper tools for each product can we be assured that our work
will perform for you in the manner it was designed for.

Only by using correct methods and tools of installation
can a company stand strong behind their work.


We believe in DOING IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME... With a smile!


We believe in being Winners.

Our Expert Installation Manager
Michael 'CHOPPER' Kincaid

~ Chopper Kincaid ~
Our Trophy Winner!

Honored Members Of The


A Letter From the President:

Our company was founded on the premise that we would create affordable schemes in homes that exceed the dreams of our home owners. We strive for complete customer satisfaction in all aspects of our business.

We work together with you to create your dream. When decisions are required we work with you to make them, as we are all part of the same team.

We want you to be happy with your new product. That's why quality is built into every thing we do. Our success is based on making it easy for you to realize your dream.

Lynn Kincaid

Lynn Kincaid, President-Center Manager
Floorcovering Expert-In House Operator


Meet The Staff

Meet Miss Daisy

McKelvy Floorcovering ~ 5425 Lake View Parkway (Hwy 66) ~ Rowlett, Texas ~ 750688
Office (972) 475-4041 ~ Fax (972) 463-2396